About Holden Schay

LinkedIn_Profile_Picture_1388520834Holden Schay is a history student at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) who plans to serve his country as a Navy Seal before pursuing a career in law enforcement. Outside of the classroom, he plans on being an active member of the Ole Miss Cycling Club and the Ole Miss Rugby Club. In addition to his academic and extracurricular commitments, Holden Schay works part time as a recruiter at Nextech Solutions, a Germantown, Tennessee-based staffing solutions firm that focuses on the technology, accounting, and finance sectors. His responsibilities at Nextech include researching and discussing job requests, performing initial candidate searches, and working with sales representatives on a variety of cases.

Outside of the professional and academic arenas, Holden Schay is an avid athlete who recently began participating in triathlons. Competing alongside his father, he enrolled in both the Louisville Kentucky Ironman race and the Sea-to-Sea adventure race in central Florida. Mr. Schay also enjoys hunting, fishing, and wakeboarding.


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